Russia claims Daesh completely destroyed in Syria

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Denmark could get 3 bcm of gas a year via Nord Stream - Putin

03.11.2009 16:18 GMT

The volume of natural gas deliveries to Denmark via the Nord Stream pipeline could later be increased to 3 billion cubic meters a year, the Russian prime minister said on Monday.

Number of swine flu deaths in Russia rises to 10

03.11.2009 16:16 GMT

The death toll of the swine flu pandemic in Russia has risen to at least 10, the country's consumer rights watchdog said on its website on Tuesday.

Ukrainian president presses for gas deal revision

03.11.2009 16:13 GMT

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has requested that the government take immediate action to amend existing gas contracts with Russia dated January 19, 2009, the Ukrainian leader's spokesperson announced.

Russia, UK sign nuclear non-proliferation accord

03.11.2009 15:48 GMT

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband have signed a series of agreements in Moscow.

Russian PM calls on European partners to chip in for Ukraine's gas

03.11.2009 15:39 GMT

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has suggested that Russia's European partners extend a loan to Ukraine if it has difficulties paying for gas.

Azerbaijani and Russian Presidents talk over phone

02.11.2009 18:27 GMT


Stratfor: Turkey’s position in the Caucasus much weaker than several months ago

31.10.2009 17:43 GMT

"Moscow has long been cooperating with Tehran in the sphere of nuclear energy.

Russia poses threat to regional stability, Georgian FM

31.10.2009 14:55 GMT

Georgian FM accused the Russian part of posing a threat to stability in the Caucasus Friday and stated the need for complete use of incidents prevention mechanisms created within the framework of the Geneva negotiations.

Georgians detained by Russian border guards released

30.10.2009 20:54 GMT

The 16 Georgian civilians arrested by Russian border guards have been released, Georgian TV channels report.

Turkish Land Force Commander to visit Azerbaijan

30.10.2009 18:04 GMT

Turkey’s Land Force Commander, Army General Isik Kosaner will visit Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told.

Turkish ambassador to Russia: Our countries can and must cooperate in energy sector

30.10.2009 15:47 GMT

Russia intends to join the construction and operation of the Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline to complete by 2012. Also there is a plan to build an oil refinery in Ceyhan.

Turkish ambassador to Russia: Trade turnover with Russia hits $38bn

30.10.2009 15:11 GMT

Trade turnover between Turkey and Russia has declined recently because of the global crisis, but still averages $38bn, Turkey's ambassador to Russia, Halil Akinci, has said.

Armenia’s trade turnover with Russia falls 15.5%

29.10.2009 21:52 GMT

Armenia’s foreign trade turnover with Russia made 533.9m dollars which is a 15.5% fall in January-August, 2009, according to Armenian economy minister Nerses Yeritsan.

Kremlin foreign policy aide says Iran sanctions unlikely

29.10.2009 14:32 GMT

Russia has said sanctions against Tehran are highly unlikely in the near future, although the United States says it will respond if Iran does not accept a deal on nuclear fuel enrichment.

Georgia protests to Russia over detention of civilians

28.10.2009 19:40 GMT

Georgia has protested at the detention of 16 civilians by Russian border guards on charges of violating the South Ossetian border.

US analysts: Russia still pulls all Armenia's strings

28.10.2009 18:56 GMT

Washington is trying to force Russia to focus attention closer to home and forget about Iran, according to an article by STRATFOR global intelligence.

Armenia concerned over gas cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia

28.10.2009 17:45 GMT

Armenia’s Zhamanak newspaper reads that concerns about Azerbaijan’s plans to boost gas cooperation with Russia are growing in Armenia.

Washington says talks to replace START 1 to continue in Moscow

28.10.2009 15:42 GMT

Washington says its U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones' primary aim of visiting Russia is to negotiate a new nuclear arms cuts treaty to replace START 1, a spokesman for the White House said.

Park of Turkey-Russian friendship opens in Ankara

28.10.2009 14:10 GMT

A remarkable event has occurred in the Russian-Turkish relations in Ankara these days.

Russia, Turkey to build oil refinery in Ceyhan

27.10.2009 21:45 GMT

Russia and Turkey have agreed to build an oil refinery at Ceyhan at the terminus of the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline, Russian Energy Minister Sergey Shmatko said on Tuesday.

Russia reports first swine flu deaths

27.10.2009 16:24 GMT

Two women diagnosed with swine flu have died in eastern Siberia's Chita, the regional governor's press service said on Tuesday.

Russian President appointed ambassadors to Abkhazia and South Ossetia

27.10.2009 15:47 GMT

Dmitry Medvedev, the President of Russia, appointed ambassadors to unrecognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia - Elbrus Kargiyev and Semyon Grigor'eyv respectively - press service of Abkhazian President.

Moscow agrees on safe Caspian Sea in multilateral format

27.10.2009 14:55 GMT

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is satisfied with the outcome of the expert discussion of the Caspian Sea security agreement held last week.

Gazprombank opens U.S. $40m credit line for ArmRosgasprom

27.10.2009 13:43 GMT

Тhe Gazprombank OJSC (Russia) and ArmRosgazprom CJSC (Armenia) signed a 7-year agreement on a U.S. $40m credit line.

Gazprom to earn $42.5 billion from gas export

27.10.2009 12:57 GMT

Gazprom forecasts a $20-30 increase year-on-year in gas export prices for European consumers in 2010, a deputy board chairman of Russia’s energy giant said on Monday.

Armenia loses football match under an Azerbaijani referee – 0:19

26.10.2009 20:39 GMT

An unexpected result in football has been recorded in the match between female junior teams of Russia and Armenia (U-17) that took part in the same qualification group of the European championship.

Japan views Russia as Pacific partner, seeks end to dispute - Japanese PM

26.10.2009 20:11 GMT

Enhancing economic and political relations with Russia, settling the territorial dispute and signing a peace treaty are priorities of the new Japanese government, Japan's prime minister said on Monday.

South Stream may leave Nord Stream behind

26.10.2009 20:09 GMT

The South Stream pipeline project routed along the Black Sea bed may be completed sooner than the Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea.

Russia hoping to keep inflation in 2009 not much over 8% - Putin

26.10.2009 20:08 GMT

Inflation in Russia this year might be just over 8%, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said in St Petersburg.

Russia's Gazprom welcomes prospect of resuming gas purchases from Turkmenistan

26.10.2009 20:06 GMT

Gazprom welcomes the prospect of the resumption of natural gas imports from Turkmenistan, Gazprom's deputy CEO, Alexander Medvedev, said on Monday at the Fourth International Energy Week event.

Luxembourg FM: If Georgia has been a Nato member, war with Russia would have been possible

26.10.2009 15:30 GMT

“It is not excluded that if Georgia has been a Nato member, there would have been no war with Russia in August last year”, Luxembourg FM Jean Asselborn told a news conference in Riga.

South Stream needs resource base and will cut Russian gas transit via Ukraine by 40%

26.10.2009 15:16 GMT

Russia does not plan sufficient growth of resource base for filling-in of the promoted new projects of gas supplies for Europe.

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