More than half of Baku residents eat fast food

Thu 13 April 2017 12:51 GMT | 16:51 Local Time

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ACT Azerbaijan presents results of the survey it conducted on December 24th – January 3rd in Baku.

Daily active lifestyle of the people reduces the time they have to spend to eat. To this end, most of the people prefer fast food in their daily menu. Fast food is a type of food, mostly half-finished products preparation of which takes less time, including the burger, lahmajun, doner, french fries, fried chicken, pizza, toast, sparkled waters and etc. How often do Baku citizens prefer this junk food in their menu? Are they aware of its bad effects on health? 

More than half of the surveyed residents (56%) said their menu contains fast food, 7% of which eat junk food for 2-3 times a week.  

Fast food party once a week is acceptable for 3%, while 6% turn to high fat foods once in 2-3 weeks. Other 19% enjoy fast food taste just one time in a month. One fifth of the respondents said they remember about the junk food only once in 2-3 months. 

Taste of the fast food is the main reason for choosing it, said 45% of respondents. “Fast food, less time” is the slogan for 24%.  Junk food is available almost everywhere, 12 % of respondents are loving it for this cause. Quality service (9%), low prices (2 %), nourishing meals are also triggering the people’s junk food preference. Children and grand-children make 3% of respondents go to fast food restaurants. Fast food catering service also impacts on the choice of 1% of respondents. 

American fast food restaurants are the favorite place for 48 %, while  33 % prefer local cafeterias, alongside 17 % who loves Turkish fast food. 

On 10-point grading scale, fast food is completely bad – 10 point - for the health 38 %. Junk food hurts the body by 5 point on the scale, said 26% of respondents. Other 11 % gave 8 point to junk food’s bad impact on the body. 

The survey was conducted via phone among 400 respondents in Baku city on December 24th – January 3rd. Incorrectness rate of the survey is 4.9 % maximum.

More than half of Baku residents (56%) eat fast food.

45 % - tasty
24 % - quick preparation
12 % - available everywhere
9 % - quality service
3 % - children’s wish
3 % - nourishing
2 % - low price
1 % - catering

These percentage rates cover the overall 56 percent respondents eating fast food.





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