These social behaviors are unacceptable for Baku residents - SURVEY

Thu 31 August 2017 10:01 GMT | 14:01 Local Time

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“ACT Azerbaijan” presents results of the survey it conducted in Baku on April 19 – May 1.

Baku is rapidly integrating into the Western culture. However, values of the Eastern culture are not shadowed by those of Western. Despite the obvious Western insignia on Bakuvians from fashion to lifestyle, moral and mental values in the city still represent the Orient. While some link this to national, religious and ethnic roots, others believe it comes from family and personal outlook. With all due respect, there are still unwritten rules, certain native restrictions and taboos in Baku.

For instance, public displays of affection are unanimously unacceptable for almost all people in the capital city (94 %). The entire number of people having no biased approach towards explicit exchange of affection is 6%, including “most tolerate” men (7%).

Imposing a ban on consumption of tobbaco products in public places has long been on a hot seat in Azerbaijan. The survey proved the issue really deserves to be in the center stage of discussions. Vast majority of surveyed Baku resident are against smoking in public places (90 %). While almost all of the women stand against this harmful habit (91 %), members of the opposite sex (14%) ignored to criticize cigarette consumption in public places.

Filthy language (97 %) and spitting in the street (96 %) are ill-mannered behaviors as of Baku residents.

There is a comparatively less number of those who are against speaking loudly on mobile phones (87 %).  Some even regard it as a normal behavior (16%).

The survey was conducted via phone among 400 respondents in Baku on April 19 – May 1. Its maximal incorrectness rate makes 4.9 %.




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