France remains favorite Schengen destination for Azerbaijan citizens

Tue 14 Aug 2018 13:08 GMT | 17:08 Local Time

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According to the, a total of 60,491 Azerbaijan citizens applied for a Schengen during 2017. This number marks an increase of 3% to 58,647 Schengen visa applications recorded in this country. 

Based on statistics, there’s a slow, yet steady, upward trend of Azerbaijan citizens willing to visit the Schengen zone. France remains their favorite Schengen destination, collecting a quarter of all applications load in Azerbaijan, all alone.

In 2017, this consulate received 15,362 Schengen uniform visa applications. Out of this number, 13,756 applicants were granted a Schengen visa, whereas 1,334 applicants were rejected.

The German embassy located in the capital Baku received the second largest amount of Schengen visa applications. In 2017, 13,194 Azerbaijan citizens submitted an application at this consulate and 11,401 of them were lucky to get one. In contrast to the French embassy, Germans rejected a higher number of applications, a total of 1,788 applications.

Other Schengen consulates that granted a large number of Schengen visa were as follows

Italy – 7,915
Czech Republic – 4,953
Latvia – 3,033
Hungary – 2,671
Poland – 1,783

MEV visas

A portion of almost 40% of all visa grants in Azerbaijan in 2017, were MEV visas. The German embassy issued the highest number of this type of visa. A total of 6,035 applicants at this consulate were granted a MEV visa, amounting this way for more than half (52.9%) of their visa grants.

Other consulates that granted a higher number of MEV visas were:

France – 4,079
Italy – 3,381 
Austria – 1,731 
Latvia – 1,434

LTV visas

Schengen consulates in Azerbaijan issued a small number of LTV visas (only 61). However, this still represents an increase compared to 17 LTV visa issued in the previous year.  The Italian consulate issued the highest number of this type of visas (30). 

Other consulates issued LTV visas as follows:

Poland – 12
Hungary – 6
Germany – 5
Switzerland – 5
Austria – 2
Lithuania – 1

Visa Denials

Among all Azerbaijan Schengen visa applicants in 2016, there were 7,942 applicants who were denied a visa. In absolute numbers, the German consulate led with 1,788 visa denials, while in percentage terms Lithuania had the highest rate of visa refusals (22.9%).

Below are Schengen consulates that rejected the most visa applications in Azerbaijan in 2017:

Italy – 1,547 (16.3%)
France – 1,334 (8.7%)
Czech Republic – 775 (13.5%)
Hungary – 644 (19.4%)
Lithuania 420 (22.9%)




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