F1 in Baku: Daniel Ricciardo wins Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Sun 25 June 2017 19:14 GMT | 23:14 Local Time

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It was a wild race in Baku as Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull grabbed the top spot following several crashes and multiple safety cars.

Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull has won the Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix from Baku City Circuit. Ricciardo started in 10th, but a crazy races that saw six retirements and multiple safety cars allowed Ricciardo to move through the pack to take his first win of the year, CBNation reports.

Ricciardo, at one point, was 17th place in the race. But Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari was given a penalty for dangerous driving and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes had to stop due to his headrest coming loose and presenting a safety issue. That put Vettel and Hamilton in the back of the top 10 with around 10 laps to go.

Both of them carved their way back to the front, but it wasn’t enough. Ricciardo took the win, and next to him on the podium was Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes, who passed Lance Stroll of Williams for the spot in the final seconds. Stroll, a rookie, settled for third and his first ever podium in Formula One.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull trailed Sergio Perez of Force India from the beginning of the race. Perez took third on the opening turns, but the Red Bull has been one of the best cars on the grid in straight-line speed. Verstappen was pushing Perez for the third spot going into Lap 11, but suffered engine problems and had to drop off.

At about that time, double yellows were waved as Daniil Kvyat of Toro Rosso had engine troubles of his own, forcing his car to stop on the side of the road. Eventually, a safety car came out on Lap 13 and the top drivers entered the pits.

Verstappen’s pit crew tried to revive his car in the pits, but he became the third driver to retire from the race shortly after.

Bottas started second on the grid after a brilliant qualifying session, but he connected with Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari around the first couple turns on the track. Bottas got the worst of the exchange, suffering a puncture, and he ended up at the back of the grid after limping around the track and into the pits.

After the pit stops and the three retirements, Bottas was still at the back of the grid, but he did unlap himself. Hamilton came over the radio and complained that the safety car was going too slow, and that drivers are unable to keep heat in their tires.

They restarted, and Perez tried to make a move on Vettel. He nearly got him, and behind it was Felipe Massa of Williams who and Esteban Ocon of Force India who made it past Raikkonen. Since the first lap, Raikkonen was having issues with his front wing and pieces came off it on the restart. He ended up in sixth place when another safety car was called to deal with the debris.

They got started again on Lap 20 and quickly stopped again after multiple incidents. Vettel came into contact with Hamilton behind the safety car and got angry about it. Perez was trying to make a move on Vettel when they got started, and Massa was in on it too. Perez couldn’t get Vettel and he had to back off, and then his teammate, Ocon, cut him off and came into contact with him.

That resulted in significant damage to Perez’s front wing, and a puncture for Ocon. They called in both Force India cars, and Perez had to retire from the race. They pulled him off to the side and serviced Ocon’s car, and then pushed Perez back into the box to try and work on his car.

Raikkonen came back into the pits and they brought his car into the garage to try and service it. But there was significant damage to the undercarriage.





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