Our aim is to become world champions in 2014 - Berti Vogts

Thu 02 June 2011 05:57 GMT | 10:57 Local Time

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Berti Vogts

It was my first visit to Kazakhstan. We were greeted well here. It is a big plus for Kazakhstan.

The head coach of the Azerbaijani national squad Berti Vogts held a press conference at the Rixos  President hotel in Astana over tomorrow’s qualifier match Euro-2012 against Kazakhstan.

“We were training for 12 days in Baku”, Berti Vogts said “I was satisfied with the training session. The team was in a good mood. The training session consisted of two stages. We were training on an artificial lawn, since the match will be held on the ‘synthetics’. We will face a strong opponent tomorrow. Even the coach of the national team of Germany Joachim Low said that Kazakhstan is stronger. In addition, the Kazakhstani team was in the firth and we were in the sixth basket.

In comparison to other teams, ours is quite young. But we have come for victory. If we make mistakes more rarely than in previous guest matches, we will win. There are problems on the second and third positions but I think we will tackle this problem after the last training today.

It was my first visit to Kazakhstan. We were greeted well here. It is a big plus for Kazakhstan.

Who will benefit from the artificial lawn to host the match? It is comfortable for both teams. The court is smooth. We are also training on the artificial lawn so that it will not be an excuse in case of defeat. My opinion is that it is better to play on a good artificial lawn than on a bad natural one. Sooner or later the future is behind artificial lawns. There are good artificial lawns in Baku. We were playing on such a court in Moscow, so it won’t be difficult. It is not a problem.

The two matches between our teams will define who is stronger-we or Kazakhstan. I won’t speak of weak and strong features of the Kazakh team. We were watching the play of this team and controlled it during the training session. Kazakhs were doing the same. We have a great respect to the opponent. I know that several new players have been attracted to the team. Azerbaijan is a modern and rapidly developing country and we have all necessary information.

What football will we be playing tomorrow? Earlier, the Azerbaijani team was playing with nine fullbacks. Now we are trying to play quick football and move forward. We could go to Brussels, fully close and lose 0-1 but it will hardly be satisfactory to anyone. Look, in the Azerbaijani championship, the matches mostly end 0-0 and 0-1 in the Azerbaijani championship.

Was I consulting Ramiz Mammadov, who is working as a coach in Kazakhstan?

I did not know that Ramiz Mammadov works here (smiles). Two German coaches work in Kazakhstan. But I did not appeal to them. It would be disrespect to the Kazakh team. If Ramiz Mammadov loves his country, he would, probably, have called me and offered help.

Our aim for the next qualifier series will be to become the world champion in Brazil in 2014, win the European champion in 2016 (laugh in the hall).  We have already become first in singing. We have already become one of the best in wrestling and judo. Now it’s football’s turn.

The 100th anniversary of Azerbaijani football is important for us, especially Azerbaijanis. I also consider myself an Azerbaijani. Football is actively being invested now. We will see the progress. I do hope that we will be able to contribute to these celebrations with the success in Astana. Certainly, the best present would be to beat Germany, but, unfortunately, it is difficult”.

Elmir Aliyev



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