Erdogan: Turkey outdoes West in terms of human rights

Fri 14 July 2017 15:38 GMT | 19:38 Local Time

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The goal of the July 15 coup attempt was the same as in Canakkale, Turkish President Erdogan said on Friday.

The president made the remarks at a panel session held at the Ankara Chamber of House (ATO) in connection with the first anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey that failed to overthrow the legitimate government, an APA correspondent reported from Ankara.

Erdogan called 15 July 2016 ‘a day when human rights were grossly violated in Turkey.’

“Of the martyrs, 45 were killed with small arms, 21 in air bombardment, 9 in run-over by tanks, and 63 in helicopter strikes,” he said noting that had Turkey not been a legitimate state, those who fired at people would have been killed and thrown into grooves instead of being put in prisons.

The Turkish leader pointed out that more than 500 civil servants were removed from their duty during the German reunification.

“In our country, some care about Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) members being sacked. Let them find a job in the private sector. Is the government obliged to employ them? The government did so and was betrayed. Those who were involved in the coup attempt were shown more care than those who lost their lives or got wounded while tackling with the coup attempt,” he added.

Erdogan then slammed several Western states for remaining silent during the coup attempt.

“A number of Western states preferred to remain silent during the coupe attempt, some are still silent. We’re saddened by the fact that the terrorists, rather than the victims, are being cared for. We reject this notion of human rights,” he said.

The Turkish leader said that a man who was planning a large-scale provocation on the eve of the coup attempt anniversary was detained in Buyukada, Istanbul.

“Some came up to me at the G20 summit in Germany and said that a group of journalists had been detained in Turkey. I replied that they were not journalists, but spies and provocateurs,” added Erdogan.
The president said that he has submitted to the German government 4,500 documents on terror-related persons, however, no response has been given yet.
As for US position on the extradition of Fetullah Gulen, the FETO leader, Erdogan said. “What steps does the US take regarding the FETO leader? When we ask, they say it is up to court; however Turkey has also a court.”
Turkey outdoes the West in terms of human rights, Erdogan stressed. “The whole world witnessed what happened in Hamburg. Earlier, the Turkish city of Antalya hosted the G20 summit, and all saw how the event passed.”
Erdogan also criticized the leader of the country’s main opposition party for defending the participants of the coup attempt, terrorists.
With regard to a possible extension of the state of emergency in the country, Erdogan said. “We are asked when the state of emergency will be cancelled in the country. After the threats against the state go away and the fight against terrorism is over, the state of emergency will be canceled. I would like to mention one point. When we built the Justice and Development Party in southeastern Anatolia, we were asked to cancel the state of emergency. When we came to power, we canceled the state of emergency within a month. Did it give result? No, it didn’t. Now, we destroy terrorists in southeastern Anatolia and in mountains. We will put an end to this scourge of terrorism at the end. Was anybody allowed to speak Kurdish at meetings? However, we allowed it. They didn’t appraise it. When 83 deputies from HDP were elected, the Kurds were called to streets, and it was the Kurds themselves who killed and were killed.”

Near the end of his speech, Erdogan warned PYD and YPG, the Syrian affiliates of PKK terrorist organization, of retaliation in case of any provocation against Turkey.




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