Armenian soldier's mother: Why did my son fall victim of Armenia?

Fri 07 July 2017 07:48 GMT | 11:48 Local Time

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"There was a document in the conscription commission that indicated problems with the heart."

The cardiologist of the conscription commission was charged within the criminal case on the death of 19-year-old Suren Mosiyan in one of the military units of the Armenian Armed Forces stationed in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. was informed about this by the lawyer of the legal successor of the serviceman Ani Chatinyan.

"There was a document in the conscription commission that indicated problems with the heart, but Mosiyan was not sent for a detailed examination on the basis of this document, and was recruited instead", the interlocutor says.

Prior to the conscription, the young man had nocturnal enuresis and some problems with nerves. In the period of compulsory military service, Mosiyan constantly had a bad state of health, he went to the medical center where he was diagnosed with acute respiratory diseases, and a rise in temperature was ascertained.

"He was sometimes hospitalized or prescribed medication," said Chatinyan.

At the 10th month of service, the serviceman suddenly died. Based on the secret of the preliminary investigation, the lawyer did not inform the other details.

Mosiyan's family members - mother, younger and older sisters - live in Artashat.

Previously, Angela Mosian (the soldier's mother) told that she visited the military unit of her son and talked with soldiers and commanders. So, it turned out that on the day of death, at 18:00, Suren's state worsened, but he was not given medical help until 10 pm, moreover, he was taken to a fighting position where he died of a stroke.

"I will fight for the rest of my life to get an answer to the question: why did they kill my son? Why did my Suren fall a victim of Armenia? ", she said.




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