Armenian village residents: 'We need no help, just provide us with jobs'

Wed 12 July 2017 06:33 GMT | 10:33 Local Time

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The number of people leaving the villages of Gegharkunik Marz of Armenia to earn living is growing year by year.

Residents of Artsvanist, Tsovinar and Eranos villages live on money sent from Russia, ArmenianReport says.

80-90% of men from these villages left for work, many took out their families too. Villagers complain that this year the migrant workers' business do not go well. They say they do not send money for 4-5 months. And still they do not return.

"Men go to Russia, but there is no work there either. They say the governor has been changed and they are not provided with jobs. We are borrowing here, waiting for them to come and pay our debts to again be left without money," says a resident of the Artsvanist village.

Many men get divorced, there are already 10% of such families in Artsvanist. Young people go to Russia and marry there.

The villagers do not hope for income from the land cultivation. "We belong to land, not the land to us," says an elderly resident of Artsvanist. Farmers have to deal with the problem of irrigation and technology. In addition, how much potato does the one have to sell for 70, at best 100 drams, to buy a sack of flour?

"There are no hope, hope comes when there is work. We do not need any help, provide us with jobs," say the residents.

They also complain about the inaccessibility of agricultural loans at low rates, they say, this means a lot of paperwork. These loans are unavailable for them, they have to borrow others at higher interest rates.

Women mostly deal with agricultural works. The deceased are also buried by women, because there are no men left.




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