Serzh Sargsyan's 'kingdom' or desolating Armenia

Wed 02 August 2017 05:25 GMT | 09:25 Local Time

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15,000 people left Armenia over the past year, reports.

This is according to official statistics, which Armenia society does not believe. They believe that incomparably more people have abandoned the country.

The figures in this case are not of much significance, because even the official statistics does not conceal that the dynamics of emigration remains, and the "reign" of Serzh Sargsyan does not extend even to three million people. In the same pace people were leaving the country in the election year, which means that there was practically no election. And it's not even so important whether they were fabricated or people had nothing to choose.

The fact is that the so-called elections were not a source of hope and change, but a source of desperation and emigration. People continue to emigrate, despite the fact that a new government has been appointed in the country, symbolizing the "new spirit" of the Prime Minister, who compares Armenia to Singapore and Tuscany, and promises "rain" of investments in return for full power.

People did not believe in this tale and probably preferred the Gazprom empire to the Gazprom subsidiary. In the end, people chose to go to countries where they do not save money on their children's education and health care.

People leave because they are fed up with official falsifications and deceptions.

And when Serzh Sargsyan speaks about the perspective of four-million Armenia, people are convinced that until 2024 the country is threatened with the prospect of becoming a two-million-dollar storehouse, because these authorities are only looking for numbers to falsify them, and through this forgery to hide the misery of their emptied "kingdom".





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