Armenia's drift towards NATO and panic among Moscow Armenians

Mon 21 August 2017 11:13 GMT | 15:13 Local Time

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The attitude towards Armenia's obvious drift towards NATO in the Armenian society and among the Armenian elite is different.

Pro-Western Armenians do not hide their enthusiasm with this fact and are waiting for the moment when Armenia finally "throws away" Russia and runs under the wing of a new "ally" - the US, in order to start a new stage of aggression against its neighbors. However, such prodigies are not shared by the pro-Armenian forces that settled in Moscow.

Obviously, if Armenia betrays Russia and finally surrenders to the US and NATO, the fate of the powerful Armenian lobby in Russia will be unenviable and their positions will shaken. Including the positions of "near-Armenian" figures, such as the editor-in-chief of Regnum news agency Modest Kolerov.

After all, Kolerov and others like him managed to create the image of "the great patriots of Russia" among the Russian public, and the illusion that Armenia is the 'surest ally of Russia'. But if Armenia betrays Russia, Kolerov won't be able to play the same game anymore.

It will also become clear that for many years Modest Kolerov, as well as all kinds of Baghdasaryans, Margaritas Simonyans and others like them, fooled the Russian society, made them support the regime, which eventually ended up betraying Russia and becoming the enemy of their country. In this case the representatives of Moscow Armenian lobby will also be suspected of betrayal, and, as a result, "the money flows" of Russian Armenians will be excommunicated. And their lives become more complicated - since no matter how naive the Russians are, they will hardly finance Armenian structures after Armenia joins the ranks of Russia's enemies.

Therefore, it was not accidental that the material of Sargis Artsruni entitled "Moscow incites Azerbaijan to a new war" recently published on the website of Armenia's pro-Western First Information expresses an extremely negative reaction on the attitude of the same Modest Kolerov to the rapprochement between Armenia and NATO which goes contrary to the aspirations of the pro-Western "First Information"  .

Sargis Artsruni writes: "In Moscow they can not accept the fact that Armenia took part in NATO military exercises held in Georgia. Even if this participation of Yerevan was agreed with Moscow, the situation changed drastically after the new US sanctions against Russia and against the backdrop of US Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Georgia. Several Russian publications openly question the loyalty of the Armenian authorities.

In an interview with the First Information, the editor-in-chief of the Regnum news agency, political analyst Modest Kolerov, who is known for his connections with the Kremlin, spoke rather harshly. "Armenia itself said that it has solidarity with NATO. And this solidarity takes place with the joint participation with Turkey and Azerbaijan. That's all. And if Armenia participates in such projects jointly with Turkey and Azerbaijan, it does not mean that it does not need a united military group with Russia. So, let Armenia call on NATO to reconcile it with Turkey and Azerbaijan, " Kolerov said.

In this case, Sargis Artsruni accuses Modest Kolerov of lies and fraudulent facts. In particular, he writes:

"Russian officials and experts have tactics to bring their message or even threat to the appropriate audience at all means - even resorting to obvious falsifications. For example, Kolerov obviously deceives readers, giving the impression that Azerbaijan participated in military exercises in Georgia. Or the political scientist creates a completely false picture that Moscow is allegedly occupied with the Armenian-Azerbaijani or Armenian-Turkish reconciliation processes, and this is when Moscow arms the parties to the Karabakh conflict, and the Russian military base deployed in Armenia is one of the obstacles to the probable Armenian-Turkish rapprochement. However, all these manipulations are trifles in comparison with tthe threat clearly voiced by Kolerov. "So, let Armenia call on NATO to reconcile it with Turkey and Azerbaijan," Kolerov said, diplomatically making it clear that Armenia will pay a high price for participation in NATO exercises.

The conclusion of the First Information is purely speculative. Sargis Artsruni believes that Moscow has found a "legitimate" basis for issuing carte blanche to Azerbaijan for a new war - it is supposedly the Armenian authorities' review of their foreign policy. In his opinion, Moscow makes it clear that if Armenia continues to cooperate with NATO, or even signs a new agreement with NATO, they will provoke Azerbaijan to a new war against Armenia - laying the blame on our "pro-Western" authorities.

But the fact is that the sale of arms to Azerbaijan and Russian-Azerbaijani defense cooperation which is absolutely legitimate and mutually beneficial and consistent with Russia's interests is just being presented by the supporters of betrayal of Russia by Armenia as a "proof" of the fact that 'Russia is not Armenia's friend'. And these theses are repeated again and again.

Thus, a split has emerged in the formerly monolithic international Armenian lobby. Russian Armenians began to realize that the betrayal of Russia by Armenia could touch them personally. And they frantically try to "slow down" the process in the present stage, when Armenia seems to continue to remain Russia's ally, while flirting with the West.

But such an"intermediate" state can not be preserved forever. Either here or there. And, judging by the latest trends, it is rather "there". Armenia's insidiousness as an ally and treacherous essence of the Yerevan regime will soon become apparent even to the most naive Russian patriots.




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