Filip Ekoziants: Armenians take part in their own genocide

Wed 30 August 2017 10:26 GMT | 14:26 Local Time

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Filip Ekoziants, an Armenian native public figure, historian, writer and blogger, has posted a video called 'Resettlement of Armenians', according to

Ekoziants states that the genocide of Armenian people continues nowadays and Armenians themselves take part in it.

"Unfortunately, today we, the Armenians, take part in our genocide. The process of genocide started not a century ago, like we are used to think and are persuaded of. A great evil for our people and all nations of the Ottoman empire was committed a century ago. That evil continued for several long years, it ended and will remain in our hearts forever. And the genocide of our people started 30 years later - in the 1940s. It started with the appearance of the very word and concept of 'genocide' and continues up to date. The essence of this genocide lies with the fact of attempts to move our Armenian people from the real into the virtual world," Ekoziants said.

According to the blogger, attempts are made to persuade Armenians that for 400 years they were not the citizens but the rightless slaves of the great Ottoman Empire, a rich, mighty and educated state.

"This, of course, is not true. And I am sure, my brother Armenians, that together we will deal with it and find the truth and those who deceive us. Instead of a true history, we get virtual antiquity, virtual grandeur, which, alas, have nothing to do with reality. As a result of this psycho-historical violence against our people, we have become enemies to ourselves and do not even realize it. With our surrealistic claims and demands towards the neighboring nations, especially Turkey, we became outcasts in the nearest geographical environment. And we can not understand in any way that the creators of the concept of 'genocide', the compilers of moral, historical and territorial claims, so beautifully hymning the sacrificial image of the Armenian people, in fact are our insidious and ruthless enemies. For decades, we've been wandering the world, piling on ourselves like a heavy cross this concept of 'genocide', invented by complete strangers to our people, " the blogger said.

"Turks were turned into our enemies at the end of 19th and Azerbaijanis at the end of 20th century, and now the virus of hatred is being successfully injected against the Russian people. However hard it may be, we need to return to our real, natural family," he said.




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