Historian: Propaganda is carried out in Armenia to underestimate capabilities of Azerbaijani army

Wed 30 August 2017 13:50 GMT | 17:50 Local Time

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"The people simply underestimate the enemy and believe that they is not capable of anything ..."

Candidate of historical sciences, journalist Armen Karapetyan said on August 30 that Armenia has an extremely disparaging attitude towards the Azerbaijani army and its capabilities, according to news.am.

"But, you see, that's not true. Their army also have very competent officers that have been trained in the best military schools in Turkey and Europe, and at the moment, they can manage arms well. This is not the Azerbaijani army that was in the early nineties," the publicist explained, adding that in the early nineties of the last century the Azerbaijani military actually had very serious problems in terms of discipline and military training in general, but over the past decades the situation has changed drastically.

He noted that the propaganda carried out in Armenia, first of all deals a blow to the Armenian side and significantly weakens it.

"This policy weakens our people. Because ordinary people think 'who they are to hit us by any weapon'. I faced this threat even in the villages. When people simply underestimate the enemy and believe that it is not capable of anything. But this is not true. They already have qualitative changes," the candidate of historical sciences underlined, adding that Azerbaijan still has a numerical superiority.

To correct the situation, according to Karapetyan,  Yerevan needs to change propaganda to increase the vigilance of the population.




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