Post commander wounds two Armenian servicemen

Mon 25 September 2017 11:12 GMT | 15:12 Local Time

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Two Armenian servicemen have been wounded by their post commander.

Each time when it comes to achieving a concensus between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Armenian side tries to distract the country's and the world attention to definite incidents. This time was no exception. The next incident in the Armenian army at the time when Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia met to discuss the return of part of occupied lands to Azerbaijan is yet another proof of it. The result is known - the Armenian military-political leadership is directly interested in the negative cases in the army. 

The growing number of incidents in the Armenian army is no secret and reports about such incidents are among the main topics discussed in Armenian social networks. Moreover, there are reports that most of the incidents are arranged by military unit commanders at the order of the country's leadership and supreme commandment. Naturally, the interest of Armenian leadership in such issues and their use for personal and political purpose deserve disdain and there is no doubt that this feature is not typical for any other country in the world. 

Another issue discussed in Armenian social media is the post about severe wounding of a relative of Facebook user Laura by name. She said her relative Narek Zarqaryan and another serviceman Yura Hakopyan serving in  a military unit in Madagiz, were subjected to abusive and insulting actions of their post commander. Seeing resistance, the commander shot the servicemen, severely wounding them. Both are currently in a critical condition. 




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