Former ASALA terrorist brought to justice

Wed 18 October 2017 10:16 GMT | 14:16 Local Time

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A friend of Turkey, French historian Gauin filed a claim against two members of ASALA terrorist organization currently residing in France.

One of the duest academicians at the Center for Eurasian Studies and French historian Maxime Gauin, who carries out the research in connection with the fictious 'Armenian genocide' both domestically and on the international level, has filed a claim against former ASALA terrorists Ara Toranyan and Samuel Tilbiyan, who is considered a sponsor of Armenian Diaspora from Lyon. 

Gauin filed a claim against Toranyan who was associated with attacks against Turkish diplomats in the past, and Tilbiyan for humiliating and insulting him. Earlier Gauin won a defamation and slander case against the members of the 'Armenian Revolutionary federation' in France. Gauin noted the following: "Since 2011 I have studied for a doctoral degree at the Middle Eastern Technical University. I took in the France-Armenia cooperation in the historical Kilikya province and the France-Turkey relations during the Independence War. Due to pressure in France I was obliged to leave for Turkey in 2011. I started speaking about Turkey's just case everywhere. This situation annoyed Armenian diaspora nationalists. Therefore, I had to file a complaint against the threats and attacks of ASALA militants. Earlier, I have won two cases."

According to him, for the past 15 years Armenian nationalists in France attempted to supress the freedom of expression in relation to the events of 1915. 

"It is clear that their attempts were destructive. My case is yet another step in this respect. They take smeary actions to intimidate me and prevent me from disseminating my studies in my country. In  2010 I won a case against a member of the 'Armenian Revolutionary Federation' who compared me to the fascists sending 'Jews to Auschwitz'. Now, I have a case with Ara Toranyan and Sam Tilbiyan. They try to accuse me of denying the Genocide of Jews. This is considered a crime in France, but my studies do not contain such a crime. The decision of acquittal passed in the court means another victory of the freedom of expression."

Armenian terrorist organization ASALA arranged a number of attacks against Turkish diplomats in foreign countries in period between 1975 and 1985. Nine, including 1 German, 1 American and 7 Turkish citizens citizen were killed in a terrorist attack at the Ankara's Esenboga Airport in 1982.







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