Armenians continue to desert from the army

Sun 19 November 2017 10:13 GMT | 10:13 Local Time

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New cases desertion have been fixed in the Armenian army.

According to, judging by the information received recently about the Armenian army,young citizens of this country are trying in every possible way to evade the service in the army, and having fallen into the ranks of the Armed Forces, decide to desert.

Those of them who have more or less financial resources do not spare money to just "pay off" from the army, and those who do not have such opportunities and who get into the army desert from the military units on their own.

Armenian users of social networks have recently disseminated reports about two more facts of the desertion of Armenian servicemen: Grigory Shahnazaryan, a junior sergeant of an independent artillery regiment, and Vrezh Grigoryan, soldier. Criminal proceedings have been instituted against both deserters, and they have been put on the wanted list.




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