Protest action in Yerevan: We will not send children to Karabakh! - VIDEO

Thu 07 December 2017 07:39 GMT | 07:39 Local Time

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As reported earlier, on December 5, former residents of Bashkend village of Gadabay region of Azerbaijan (Armenians call it "Artsvashen" - "Eagle's Nest") went to protest in Yerevan and demanded from Serzh Sargsyan to pay them compensation for lost property or grant them status of refugees.

However, neither Sargsyan nor his staff wanted to help the protesters.

The demonstrators, most of whom get their income mainly from cattle-breeding, also complained about the level of unemployment in Chambarak which forces more and more people to leave the town in search of better opportunities. The majority of young men enlist in the army as contract servicemen to get some kind of pay; older men leave for jobs abroad, while women do not have any job opportunities at all.

“Those gathered here are parents of soldiers who serve in Karabakh. How much longer can they go on neglecting us? We’ll send no soldiers to either Karabakh or anywhere else [unless our issues are addressed]. Once we are back, I’m going to tell our sons to leave their positions and let the Azerbaijanis seize those territories. They put their lives in danger on the border, but who’d take care of their kids if anything were to happen to them?” a protester argued.

One of the protestors told reporters that they lived in good conditions in Bashkend,they had their own farm, where they sold products to both Azerbaijan and Armenia.

"We lived there well. If there was no was, we would be living there. These (points to the building of the presidential administration of Armenia) have received everything from this war, and we live like cattle. We are remembered only during the call to take our children to Karabakh, and during the elections. Right here they say - let the Turks seize us, at least we will live like a human," a middle-aged man said in his heart.




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