Father of wounded Armenian soldier: No state assistance has ever been provided to my son

Thu 07 December 2017 12:25 GMT | 12:25 Local Time

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Armenian soldier's father borrows loans from the banks to cover his son's treatment.

On June 2, 2017, sergeant Levon Qazaryan was wounded while changing his combat position in the direction of Talish on the contact line of troops after serving in the military unit in Magadiz settlement of the Karabakh separatist regime for 10 months, Armenian media report. He said that he heard the noise, thought it was a diversion against the post and wanted to prevent the attack. According to him, since there was no motor road, his fellows-in-arms were obliged to drag him through stones and ground to the distance of nearly 800 meters after he was wounded. From there he was placed to a military hospital in Agdara by car.  His father Aleksan Qazaryan said that he underwent surgery in Agdara and the wounds on his lungs and liver were sown. 

The surgery lasted for 5 months. His heart stopped twice during the operation. Part of his lung was extracted, there were fractures in different cavities. Due to critical condition he was connected to artificial breathing and transported to Yerevan by air. He was treated at the Yerevan hospital for 2 months. 
He applied to the Echmiadzin city social protection department to get disability degree. After holding the due inspection, the commission rejected his appeal. The commission explained it by saying that due to changes in the law, he cannot get an allowance for disability. Doctors told his parents to bless the God that he did not become disabled.

However, the parents say, 'we gave him healthy, bring him back healthy too'. There are up to 50 rhaphes on his chest and he lacks half of his lung.

Though the parents of the soldier keep silent, their relatives express their deep outrage over the situation. They demand explanations, saying, 'where do they use the 1000 drams that are deduced from our monthly salaries as an insurance for military servicemen, since Levon does not get anything.'

His father borrows loans from the banks to cover the treatment fees.

The father of the indicated soldier complains that no one from the ministry of defense or the military unit in Agdara show any interest in his son. No state assistance has ever been provided to him. 




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