Fake history is only and main enemy of Armenia - Philip Ekozyants

Wed 13 December 2017 07:55 GMT | 07:55 Local Time

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Video message by public figure, historian, writer and blogger, Philip Ekozyants who lives in Kharkov has been spread on internet.

In the video, he tells about the history of creation of the term “Armenian genocide”, the falsified history of Armenia imposed by Europeans, AzVision reports.

Here are some excerpts from his video message 

"We all know that the Turks and Armenians have been part of one family, part of one state, part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. This was the story of the creation of power and unity. Armenians were called faithful people in the Ottoman Empire and we obviously deserved this title. Everything changed in the middle of the 19th century, when British and Europeans rapidly entered our lives.

They landed their descent in the form of archaeological expeditions and created a lot of historical falsifications on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Ancient Armenian states have also been among that falsehood. Part of the Armenians were mainly Masons, Dashnaks and opposition intellectuals who took falsehood instead of the real past and set themselves the goal to secede from the Ottoman Empire and recreate fictional "Great Armenia" in reality.

However, all they achieved was break-up with the Turkish people, expulsion from their native lands and complete isolation. Today, Turks and Armenians live in different states and all ties - spiritual, cultural, economic are disrupted without any communication. We, Armenians still believe in British fairy tales, we study and widely replicate our fantastic antiquity. Altogether, we ignore a true story completely. As I said before, we all move into virtual reality.

Europeans haven't stopped on changing of our history, they attempted to strengthen the achieved outcomes and invented the word "genocide" in the middle of the 20th century. They have made this word as an international law term and retroactively adapted the events happened during World War I in the territory of the Ottoman Empire to the concept "genocide". This new legal term helped to reanimate the judicial process in Turkey and making Turkey responsible for the tragedy the civilian population in the east of the Ottoman Empire. We, Armenians received the legal and political support from Europe.

Now one fair trial was not enough and we courageously demanded national regret, space protection and alienation of the territories which belong to Turkey from them. Then Europeans started to achieve an international recognition of Armenian "genocide", involving all new states to this sad story.Although it is paradoxically real "genocide" of the Armenian people which takes away our mind and memory, it goes just under the cover of fight against "genocide".




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