Diplomatic scandal: adviser to Armenian Foreign Minister Robson wants to 'wipe the USA off the map'

Wed 10 January 2018 05:20 GMT | 05:20 Local Time

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Adviser to the Armenian Foreign Minister wishes to 'wipe the USA off the map'.

Notorious Ruben Tatulian, aka Robson, gave a scandalous interview to one of the Russian TV companies, in which he addressed the sensational US sanctions that were imposed both against him and a number of other Russian so-called "thieves-in-law".

It is noteworthy that using criminal jargon, Robson denies having anything to do with the criminal world, introducing himself as a businessman and philanthropist, and, of course, pouring a stream of offensive phrases against the US. By and large, nothing can be expected from Robson, because he is a typical representative of Russian business, affiliated with crime and the Russian authorities. By the way, this interview best reflects all his inconsistency in terms of morality and values.

But there is another worrying circumstance which promises an unprecedented diplomatic scandal for Armenia, as in the above interview Ruben Tatulian is maximally associated with Armenia, 1in.am reports. The fact that he is a member of the Investors' Club initiated by Karen Karapetyan and has a diplomatic passport of the Republic of Armenia was known for a long time, but Robson declassifies that he is an advisor to the Armenian foreign minister and moves around Russia by car attached to the Armenian Embassy in Russia. And, most importantly, against the background of this "exposure" Robson says that the US should not exist on the world map.

Perhaps, there is no need to explain what problems Armenia may stuck in due to Robson's scandalous statements. The matter is not even about Robson's personality but about the irresponsible, criminal conduct of the Armenian authorities, as a result of which the representative of the criminal world not only receives diplomatic protection from Armenia, but also is an adviser to the Foreign Minister - at least, he says this in his interview and the statement has not yet been refuted.

Armenia is on the verge of a huge diplomatic scandal, and the apparent coalescence of  Armenian authorities with Russian criminal and corrupt circles will inevitably lead to the painful consequences of US sanctions. And even if, after the well-known US sanctions Yerevan tries to defend Ruben Tatulian by all means and does not deprive him of diplomatic immunity, there is no qualitative, moral difference between the top leadership of Armenia and Robson. Even if the Armenian Foreign Ministry refutes the fact that Robson is Nalbandian's adviser, this situation will not change dramatically, because the Sochi "kinglet" enjoys diplomatic immunity and resources, and, in fact, dreams "to wipe the USA off the map".

In this context Armenia is identified not so much with Russia as with its most marginal and criminal segment. It only remains to be seen what consequence Robson's 'pearls' will have for Armenia.




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