Armenia admits to anti-Semitism: Israel declared the enemy of Armenians

Fri 12 January 2018 08:22 GMT | 08:22 Local Time

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Armenia occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of anti-Semitism.

Simon Petliura fled to Paris. There in May 1926 he was shot by a former compatriot - Samuel Schwartzbard. At the trial, the latter explained that he was avenging the death of his relatives - his whole family was carved by the Petliuraites during Jewish pogroms, and the French jurors acquitted the murderer.

That is, Petliura managed to lose even after his death. Because the complex in thinking is sometimes more accessible than simple, when facts at first glance are ground in the millstones of cynicism.

Cynicism presupposes a general presence of ideals. Crime is the general existence of laws. A lie at the level of clinical idiocy is the general presence of events. And so on.

Blood is of two kinds: the one that flows in the veins, and the one that flows off the veins. Just like words - those that are not yet told, are not written, and those that have already turned into speech. The truth offers intelligent words, a man offers words that you can trust.

And what does misery mean? Nothing but a descending metaphor of consciousness, of which David Davidyan became a faded example.

Modern Diplomacy has recently published an article by David Davidyan, professor at the American University of Armenia in which he accuses all Jews in general and Israel in particular of anti-Armenian sentiments, rejection of Armenia and the policy alien to "world Armenians".

The article "Return on Diplomatic Investment: Zionist Policies and the Armenians" of the political stub of the Yerevan strategists is written with the aplomb of a narrow-minded political scientist and is full of accusations against the Jews.

According to the author, Israel and the Jews are also guilty of all the misfortunes of Armenians, especially of the "Armenian genocide", for, as Davidyan writes, "the world Zionist conspiracy has added to the scenario of persecutions and killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey."

He makes a long passage: "These Zionist pursuits appear continuing to the present day.  The advancement of a surrogate Turkish identity onto Muslim-centric Turkish leaders was initiated in large part by Jews and crypto-Jews in influential and leadership positions. The resulting ultra-nationalist ideology along with the manipulation of external conditions or direct involvement in internal events of the Ottoman Turkish state by international players had a devastating effect on the Armenians. It provided the ideological basis for, and encouraged, the 'genocide of the Armenians' under the guise of World War One. The subsequent policy of genocide denial by Turkey was supported by the state of Israel for decades. These actions should provide a lesson for today’s semi-official Israeli public relations policy regarding present-day Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict."

So, yes, there are lots of reports in press and online about the growing anti-Semitism in the Republic of Armenia and in the Diaspora.

Today, Jerusalem accounts for nearly 5,600 Armenians, of which 3650 reside in the Armenian quarter of the Old City. The increase in the Armenian population occurred both for reasons of natural growth, and due to repatriation of mixed Armenian-Jewish families to Israel. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, borders were also opened for other Armenians residing on its territory. The overwhelming number of Armenians, residents of the Old City of Jerusalem, have Israeli citizenship.

This is about the Armenians of Israel who are allegedly 'supressed and live in unbearable conditions'.

The rejection of Jews, multiplied by hatred for Azerbaijan

Davidyan is, alas, not as cunning as some representatives of the Armenian hyenas of rotary machines and sharks of the pen - he easily and gracelessly reveals the true motives of his hatred of Israel, Jews and, especially, Azerbaijan: "Israeli support for Turkish genocide denial only brought attention to Israel’s, seemingly hypocritical, policy regarding its non-recognition of the Armenian genocide, although minority parties in the Israeli Knesset periodically open debate on the topic. In the end, Israel appears to be holding the Armenian genocide like the Sword of Damocles over the head of Turkey."

Davidyan says that the Armenians were forced to choose the current diplomatic tactics, that is, aggression: "...both Azerbaijan and Turkey blockaded their borders with Armenia. Seventy percent of Armenian’s borders are currently blockaded. During this same period, the West being euphoric having won the Cold War and with NATO busily dismembering Yugoslavia, Armenia had no choice in turning to Russia for its defense, having been strategically threatened by Turkey and ignored by the West.Both Azerbaijan and Turkey have blocked their borders with Armenia." 

The author complains that "the international community perceives Armenia as an irritant for broader corporate, regional and international interests." He also accuses Israel of Azerbaijan's full support and that the Jewish diaspora in the United States always takes into account the interests of Baku.

Davidyan cries out for "justice."

So what does the validity of judgments about Armenia look like?

Alas, it will not be in Armenians' favor.

New wave of anti-Semitism in Armenia: Azerbaijan-Israel friendship irritates the nationalists
For decades, nationalist Armenian organizations have been actively propagating with the obvious purpose of falsifying historical facts and changing the narrative. The Holocaust Memorial in Yerevan was repeatedly desecrated. The Jewish community of Armenia has been subjected to pressure and intimidation since the country gained independence, anti-Semitism has sharply increased among Armenians. The declining Jewish community complained about these attacks, but such sentiments are shared by a significant part of Armenian society. And the Armenian government does not oppose this dangerous trend in any way.

According to the poll of the Anti-Defamation League, "the level of anti-Semitism in Armenia is the third in Europe, Armenia occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of anti-Semitism."

And finally, the Jewish community of Armenia never forgot the participation of the cruel 20,000-strong Armenian legion in the Wehrmacht during the Second World War.

A sociological study has shown that anti-Jewish stereotypes are widespread in the mass consciousness of the population in Armenia, and it is much stronger than in any other European country. The conditional share of anti-Semites in Armenia, which was calculated by experts of ADL, is 58%.

In some of the most developed authentic, purely Armenian conspiracy theories, the main responsibility for the Armenian massacre lies with the "denme" - representatives of the Muslim sect of the kabbalistic followers of the false messiah Shabtai Tsvi from the mid 17th century who converted to Islam but retained a special identity. The politician from among them, the finance minister and the leader of the Karakashlar wing, Javid bey (1875-1926), was really represented among the activists of the Young Turk revolution. However,  for nearly 400 years (!) "denme" have been faithful Muslims not Jews.

Nevertheless, in Armenia there is a separate genre of anti-Semitic literature reminiscent of Russian books about "Jewish Masons and Jewish Bolsheviks". Similar brochures on the "Denme's Jewish revolution" can be found in many bookstores in Yerevan. And Armenian news portals, especially "analytical resources" already openly "warn" about the threat posed by the "Jewish offsprings".

Anti-Semitic hysteria reached the point when a documentary featuring monstrous accusations against the Jewish people and Israel was shown on the Public Television of Armenian. The film contained such nonsensic statements: "During the 'Armenian genocide' the Jewish division of 'Deadheads' participated in the pogroms arranged by Teshkilat i-Makhzuza against the Armenians."

Then come the 'milder accusations', for example, in graffiti painting on the walls of houses in the still quite calm Armenian quarter of Jerusalem and in the refusal of the Knesset to officially recognize the ideix of the "Armenian genocide" in Turkey.

In such circumstances it is hardly surprising that the majority of the Jewish population of Armenia either fled from Armenia or married Armenians not to attract unnecessary attention. Unfortunately, the Armenian government does nothing to curb the growing anti-Semitism in the country.

And do they still say they are not anti-Semites?

The history of the Armenian lie about "the genocide in the Ottoman Empire" is complex and confusing, it is based on speculation and insinuations and is the field of collision of two narratives - Turkish and Armenian. Armenian "analysts" often resort to accusing Azerbaijan of all mortal sins, and also, naturally, of anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, there has never been any anti-Semitism in Azerbaijan, and official Baku has repeatedly condemned any manifestations of anti-Semitism in other countries. It's not for nothing that the leaders, state and public figures, politicians, journalists of Israel appreciate the factor of multiculturalism and tolerance in Azerbaijan, because our country pays special and sincere attention to the Jewish community.

As for Armenia, the Israelis believe that in a country where anti-Semitism and fascism have become a state ideology, in a country that ranks first for anti-Semitism in the post-Soviet space, the calls for the destruction of the State of Israel can be considered part of national ideology. Everyone is well aware that Armenia is the most monoethnic country where chauvinism, nationalism, exaltation of fascists and anti-Semites have become an integral part of the state policy of Serzh Sargsyan's regime.

The worship of bloodthirsty fascists and anti-Semites like Garegin Nzhdeh, who was 'perpetuated' in a monument in the center of Yerevan, is not carried out by some marginal political groups, these actions are conducted by the country's leadership, the state, the criminal oligopoly of Yerevan.

A famous Israeli expert in the field of international relations, Arye Gut wrote: "the history has never forgotten the cruelty of a 20,000-strong Armenian legion as part of the Wehrmacht in the WW II. The aim of the Armenian legion led by nationalist commander Dro (who personally participated in the annihilation of thousands of Jews) was to persecute and annihilate Jews and others disliked by the German army. " There are historical facts confirmed by archival documents. 

"Simferopol, Eupatoria, Alushta, Karasubazar, Kerch, Feodosia and other regions of Western Crimea were cleaned of Jews 'thanks' to Armenians. After that can we stay indifference and watch modern Armenia glorifying the Armenian fascist and anti-Semite as a national hero, and after that, Armenians teach us, the Israelis, of conscience, morality and justice ?! And after that some "Jewish" leaders of Armenia will prove to me that there is no anti-Semitism and hatred towards Jews and Israelis in Armenia? "

David Davidyan, a professor at the Armenian University of Armenia, may, most likely, unknowingly turn into a denouncer of the current realities of Armenia, the current policy of the Serzh Sargsyan clique, for which double chauvinism coupled with zoological nationalism and a pathological inclination for terror became the dominant of state policy.  The politicians who branded anti-Semitism in words, in fact adhere to a line based on hatred of Israel and the Jews.

It's simple. But not for such unwise subjects as David Davidyan who managed to outplay himself, trying to convince a scant audience of "the unsightly role of Jews in persecuting Armenians."

Elchin Alyoglu is a Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Milli.Az





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