Five soldiers deserted Armenian occupation army within a week

Thu 07 Jun 2018 05:02 GMT | 09:02 Local Time

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5 military men left the military units of the Armenian army stationed in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan in just a week.

The reasons for this massive desertion are, of course, different in each case, but they all show that the Armenian army is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and is weaker than ever. Can it be otherwise, if the soldiers serve in unbearable conditions, suffer constant attacks and bullying of commanders and fellows-in-arm, and the army itself is torn apart by "internecine wars" between conscripts from Armenia and Karabakh? reports referring to the Armenian media that Armenian serviceman Heinrich Aloyan, who left the place of service on his own will, managed to avoid the severe punishment that threatened him for desertion. And a relative named Kolya helped him with this: a bribe was handed over to the military police investigator, after which the article of the criminal case initiated against Aloyan was replaced by a different one and he received a softer punishment.

Another case of desertion occurred in the 5th Rifle Regiment. Soldier Grigoryan deserted the military unit with the aim of evading the service. The next day the military police detained the deserter. Grigoryan was arrested and put in a guardhouse for 10 days.

Serviceman Vahram Tatevosyan, having left his post, fled from the fighting position. Investigator Hayvazyan collected materials on him, on the basis of which the military police arrested the fugitive. At present, the case has been sent to the military prosecutor's office for consideration.

Another deserter - Taron Vartanyan - left his place of service on his own and headed ... to his native city of Armavir. But Vartanyan was quickly detained and, by order of the officer Khachatryan, was returned to the military unit. In the course of the official investigation conducted by officer V. Iskandaryan, materials were collected on the basis of which a criminal case was initiated against Vartanyan.

A soldier of the mortar battery Vaginar Tadevosyan, who was drafted into the occupation army from the village of Samakhar of the Shirak region of Armenia, left his place of service on his own, for which he was prosecuted.

It should be noted that the military leadership of Armenia conceals these facts from the public, so as not to shock the already "long-suffering" people with the violation of rights in the Armenian army. And all the investigations into such facts are conducted quietly ...




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