3 copies of Quran desecrated in Sweden

Three copies of the Quran were found desecrated in Sweden, media reports said Wednesday. 

A copy of the holy book on which death threats were written was found at a bus station and two other were found at different locations in Ronneby, according to Swedish broadcaster, SVT.

Gudlaug Hilmarsdottir, a member of the Islamic community in Ronneby, told SVT that the Quran is guidance and the community is extremely sad about the attack.

In 2020, a burned copy of the Quran and bacon were left outside of a mosque in Ronneby.

Police described it as a "hate crime" and launched an investigation but no perpetrators were found.

Last month, Danish-Swedish extremist Rasmus Paludan and Edwin Wagensveld, a far-right Dutch politician and leader of the Islamophobic group, Pegida, separately burned copies of Islam's holy book in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.


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