About 12,000 crimes committed last year in Azerbaijani capital

Over the pasr year, Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry and the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office have recorded 11,940 crimes, of which 83.2% were less grave and unlikel

Compared to 2015, deliberate murders decreased by 12.7% in 2016, attempts of murder by 10%, traffic accidents by 14.2%, deaths by 16.2%, and injuries by 18.7%, the police chief said.  

According to him, it was possible to disclose 75.9% of the crimes, 76.5% of the grave types, and 64.4% of those committed under uncertain conditions, 95% of the 1,709 crimes aimed against personality, 94.6% of the deliberate murders, and 100% of the attempts to commit deliberate murder.

He noted that 75.8% of the wanted suspects and 60.8% of the persons wanted over grave crimes was arrested last year.

The police chief added that 67 groups comprising 137 people responsible for 77 acts of robbery as well as 64 groups comprising 164 people responsible for 303 acts of theft were identified, and over 260 kilograms of drugs were seized.  


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