(Ad) Azercell presents the "Tourist” tariffs for foreign citizens and guests of our country

“Azercell Teleсom" launches the new tariffs for tourists and foreign citizens visiting the Republic of Azerbaijan. As part of a special and unique offer, guests of our country will have an opportunity to choose one of 3 tariff packages Tourist Pack Welcome, Tourist Pack Super, and Tourist Pack MAX and get a free phone number. Tariff packages starting from AZN 39 include minutes for countrywide and international calls, Internet, and additional Internet traffic for social networks.

The internet traffic for social networks provided in all three tariff packages can be used on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok applications.

A foreign citizen can activate the service by applying to Azercell sales and service centers.

For detailed information about the tariff plan, please visit https://bit.ly/tourist-pack.


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