Air pollution in Azerbaijan increases deaths by 10-18%: World Bank

"Compared to upper-middle-income countries, Azerbaijan suffers from environmental losses, low material and land productivity, water scarcity, and high emission intensity," said Sascha Eichberger, Senior Environmental Specialist - Green and Climate Finance at World Bank Group during his speech, reports.

According to him, the GRID assessment shows that the country's progress on reducing environmental pressures and preserving the value of natural resources is not sufficient: "Air pollution with Fine Suspended Particles (PM10 and PM2.5) in Azerbaijan is mainly caused by wind-borne dust and hydrocarbon sources, increasing non-accidental deaths by 10% -18%. This indicator is higher than the average indicator in the Eastern and Central European regions. Besides, according to Global Burden of Disease estimates, welfare losses related to mortality are equivalent to 3% to 12% of GDP."

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