All responsibility for a terrorist attack on Azerbaijani embassy lies on Iran – Parliament

The Azerbaijani Parliament has strongly condemned the terrorist act against the country's embassy in Iran committed on January 27, 2023, reports.

“The responsibility for this brutal attack lies on Iran. In accordance with the Vienna Convention of 1961, the host country is obliged to ensure the security of diplomatic missions and their employees," said the Parliament.

"Unfortunately, Iran has been conducting smear campaigns against Azerbaijan in recent days. In this regard, taking measures to prevent possible attacks on Azerbaijan's diplomatic missions should have been the focal point of Iranian law enforcement agencies. As it is, the possibility of an armed person's free penetration into the administrative building of the embassy, where a special security regime operates, raises serious questions," the parliament noted.

"We consider Iran's statements about the reasons for this brutal attack to be unsatisfactory. We demand a thorough investigation of the incident, the punishment of all those responsible, including those behind this bloody criminal act, as well as the disclosure of the circumstances that resulted in the terrorist act," the statement added.

"The customers, instigators, and perpetrators of the terrorist act against the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran should also know that under no circumstances will they be able to carry out their dirty intentions. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the victim, as well as wish a speedy recovery to the wounded," the parliament said.

Note that an armed attack took place at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran on January 27, 2023, at about 8:30 by Baku time. As a result of this vile attack, Orkhan Askerov, the head of the security service of the diplomatic mission, was killed while performing his official duties, and two employees of the Embassy were injured. 

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