Armenia by all means tries to further aggravate situation in region – Azerbaijani expert

Armenia by all means is trying to further aggravate the situation in the region, Zaur Mammadov, head of Baku Club of Political Scientists, candidate of political sciences, told News.Az.

He was commenting on the statement made by Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday in response to baseless and false accusations of Yerevan.

Noting that Baku adequately responded to Yerevan’s allegations, Mammadov said Armenia keeps resorting to various provocations instead of engaging in talks on a peace treaty and border delimitation.

“Armenia’s accusations against Azerbaijan are unfounded. Armenia regularly commits provocations on the border with Azerbaijan,” he said.

According to the expert, Armenia’s purpose is obvious.

“Armenian authorities are seeking to discredit Russia inside the country, even before the pro-Russian Armenians. Armenia is doing everything possible to intensify the West’s involvement in the region,” Mammadov added.


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