Armenia committed multiple war crimes  since the early 1990s - Azerbaijan's Permanent Representative to UN

During its almost thirty years of aggression against my country since the early 1990s, Armenia committed multiple war crimes, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians, massive ethnic cleansing, the extensive destruction and cultural erasure, Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN Yashar Aliyev said this during the speech of the Security Council of the Organization convened under the chairmanship of Switzerland in New York, dedicated to the topic "Protection of the civilian population in armed conflicts", reports.

The ambassador said that the scale of the brutalities is evidenced also by almost 4,000 citizens of Azerbaijan went missing in connection with the conflict, including 719 civilians, whose fate Armenia refrains to clarify.

"Most of the Azerbaijani captives were subjected to severe torture, including beatings, mutilation, starvation, and humiliation. The perpetrators of numerous atrocities committed against the Azerbaijani civilians and other protected persons remain unpunished, in clear disregard for international law," he said.

According to Yashar Aliyev, during the conflict, Armenia violated the norms and principles of international law and targeted the civilian population and civil infrastructure.

The ambassador drew attention to the fact that despite the end of the conflict, Armenia refuses to share accurate and comprehensive information about the hundreds of thousands of landmines it laid on the territory of Azerbaijan.

The diplomat clarified the false statement made by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia during his speech:

"The allegations in that statement about the so-called “blockade” of the Lachin-Khankandi road, the disruption of electricity and natural gas by Azerbaijan in its Garabagh Economic Region and the “genocidal intent” of ethnic cleansing are patently false and provocative. Azerbaijan has never created impediments for the freedom of movement on the road by the residents and its use for the supply of food, medicine and other humanitarian purposes, as well as for access by the International Committee of the Red Cross. This is supported by numerous documented evidence that expose Armenia’s fabrications.

As to the establishment of the border checkpoint, it is an undeniable sovereign right of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the same as the right of any other State to secure and protect its borders and establish border control. This right is grounded in the foundational principles of territorial sovereignty and integrity and the duty of Azerbaijan to guarantee the security of persons, vehicles and cargo moving along the road. The Security Council has repeatedly reaffirmed that securing their borders is the sovereign prerogative of Member States. Armenia must understand that misinformation and disinformation are detrimental to the objectives of peace, stability and reconciliation," the Representative stressed.

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