Armenia continues to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan – political scientist

“Unfortunately, Armenia still continues to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. These statements are first of all a gross violation of the UN Charter, non-compliance with the principle of not interfering in states’ internal affairs, and this is unacceptable,” political scientist Javid Valiyev told

The political scientist emphasized that Armenia has no legal right to make any proposal regarding the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan.

“If they come up with such a proposal, then we, as Azerbaijan, have the right to propose that an international commission be formed. Determine the number of Azerbaijanis deported from there. Let them determine how much of their property has been confiscated and create conditions for their return. A mission should be placed there so that Azerbaijanis return safely and human rights are protected," the political scientist said.

“On the other hand, the President of Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated that the rights and security of Armenians living in the territory of Azerbaijan will be ensured by the state of Azerbaijan within the framework of the Constitution of Azerbaijan. This statement is both the position of the state of Azerbaijan and an article in the constitution. Unfortunately, we have not heard from any Armenian official, especially N. Pashinyan, that Azerbaijanis can return to their ancestral lands. We did not hear their words such as "The Armenian state is the guarantor of their rights". We only heard a denial from them until today. For this reason, either the principle of reciprocity will be followed, or Armenia will definitely not interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan will never allow this. Azerbaijan has the right to do so in the norms of international law, as well as in its political and military power,” the political scientist said.

The political scientist Valiyev also said that the reason why Armenia made these statements is to “play” for time and to aggravate the situation on a global scale. 

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