Armenia lost hopes and lives with depression – Azerbaijani president

“The main issue of our policy, including foreign policy is the settlement of Armenia-Azerbaijan, the Nagorno Karabakh conflict”, President of Azerbaijan said at

“Unfortunately, there is not serious progress in this issue. Armenia does not want a peace by leaving the occupied territores and tries to keep status-quo.  Therefore, we and the international community, mediators should force them. There is no other way. Because Armenia is now trying to boycott the negotiations, isolates itself. The mediators, OSCE MG co-chairs clearly state that substantive negotiations should be restored. Therefore, the sooner Armenia understands that it will not be able to keep the lands under occupation, the better it will be for them. We’ll not reconcile with this situation. We are increasing our power. We are strengthening our military, political powers and international position”, the president said, according to APA.

Head of the state noted that Azerbaijan has already turned into an important country in the world: “Armenia is a country that lost hopes and lives with depression. This was caused by junta regime which illegally occupied Armenia. The biggest threat for Armenian people is the current leadership of Armenia.

We’ll continue our efforts. I have repeatedly said and am saying once again that Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity has never been and will never be a topic of negotiations. Nagorno Karabakh is ancient land of Azerbaijan. We must restore our territorial integrity. International law also supports our position. The situation in the region is in our favor. Economic and military potential is also with us. April incidents in 2016 showed that. Therefore, we must be more powerful and we do that.
But Armenia cannot live without assistance. If they could succeed in their mythological activity till April battles in 2016, those battles seriously damaged their propaganda and shook Armenian people. Afterwards of this shake are still being felt in Armenia. April incidents lead to deep military and political crisis in Armenia. These were yet a short-term battles. Therefore, they must come to a correct conclusion and know that we’ll never reconcile with this situation. We'll, at all costs, restore its territorial integrity. For this purpose, we are pursuing successful policy. We are nearing that time every year, every day. Azerbaijan’s flag is today waving in Leletepe and Agdere and will wave in Shusha, Khahkendi too”.



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