Armenia saw that no-one's call, no statements can stop us: Azerbaijani President

“In the past few months, they have committed repeated military provocations against us. More than 1,400 new landmines were planted in Lachin district alone, and these mines were planted in 2021, i.e. after the war. This is an open act of terror against Azerbaijan. Since the war ended, more than 240 Azerbaijani citizens were either killed or seriously injured as a result of landmine blasts. In other words, the war against us continues and our people are dying. We have repeatedly warned Armenia to stop these dirty deeds, or it will regret it,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he made a speech at the ceremony to raise Azerbaijani flag in the city of Lachin, reports.

“As a result, when another provocation was committed against us on 13 September, the Azerbaijani Army responded and put the enemy back in place yet again. I do hope that this will finally teach them a lesson. Because they saw that no-one and nothing could stop us. No-one's call, no statements or initiatives can stop us. We are on our own land and we are protecting our own land,” the head of state emphasized.

“Our positions along the border allow us the opportunity to anticipate any Armenian provocation and take necessary measures. We are in favorable positions on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border all the way from Mount Murov to the Araz River. These positions give us both a military advantage and the possibility of visual control over a large area,” President Ilham Aliyev noted.

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