Armenian prime minister says three main principles on peace treaty agreed with Azerbaijan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said that three main principles were agreed within the framework of elaboration of a peace treaty with Azerbaijan.

“If the parties remain committed to the already agreed principles, the document will be signed soon,” Pashinyan said, News.Az reports citing Armenian media.

As Pashinyan noted, the first principle is mutual recognition of territorial integrity. Thus, Baku recognizes the territory of the Republic of Armenia with an area of 29,800 square kilometers, and Yerevan recognizes the territory of Azerbaijan with an area of 86,600 square kilometers.

According to the Armenian premier, the second principle is as follows: “The parties agreed to delimit the border based on the Almaty Declaration. That is, the parties proceed from the fact that the administrative borders of the Soviet republics are already the state borders of the countries, hence their inviolability should be recognized.”

Pashinyan called the third principle the opening of regional communications based on equality and reciprocity, which should operate under the jurisdiction of the countries through which they pass.


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