Armenians destroy churches so that the fact of the Armenianization of the Albanian Christian Church is not revealed: Expert

"For 30 years, occupied lands of Azerbaijan have been looted. Different types of looting have been carried out: from ecological and natural resources to the national and historical monuments of the Azerbaijani people, the houses of civilians, business buildings, and all the infrastructure on these lands," the head of the Institute of Young Democrats of Azerbaijan, an expert on international law and relations Yegane Hajiyeva told

According to her, in several directions this looting was carried out with special goals: “One of these goals is to destroy cemeteries, historical museums, and exhibits that reflect the historical evidence of Azerbaijanis' attachment to this land and their belonging to these lands. Most importantly, they destroy churches, mosques and cemeteries for a specific purpose. The main purpose of destroying cemeteries is to erase the evidence that these people belonged to these lands. The people buried in those cemeteries, the stones on their graves, do not belong to Armenians, they are Azerbaijanis who were buried there in the past centuries."

"The second point is the destruction of mosques and churches. If they destroy mosques because they are monuments of our religion, they destroyed churches to hide their falsification of history. These days we have seen videos of the destruction of churches. The Armenians, who destroyed the mosques as an example of the Muslim historical monument, destroyed the church because they Armenianized the inscription of the old Albanian church. As you know, Azerbaijan appealed to UNESCO to investigate the facts of falsification that occurred during the occupation. Armenians are also taking this step so that the fact of the Armenianization of the Albanian Christian Church is not revealed," Y. Hajiyeva said.

According to the expert, the direct orderer of these destructions is the Armenian lobby: "The point is that the local Armenians and the illegally settled Armenians from the villages of Zabukh and Sus in Lachin, Armenia, had to distribute a certain amount of financial checks to them if they did not destroy the house when they moved. The Armenian lobby, which has a wide network around the world, has called for 2-3 times more than the amount of money given to them if they burn their houses." 

"They want to lose track of us there by starting fires in these lands. They explain this by the fact that they take it out of their land. The fact is that Azerbaijan’s President said that ethnic Armenians should be citizens of Azerbaijan in Karabakh, and social and political figures of Azerbaijan also expressed their opinion on this. In Armenia, there are individuals who have formed the social order of rapprochement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and they are Armenians from Karabakh who have put forward ideas about becoming citizens of Azerbaijan if they live in Armenia. A few of them even had to prove their opinion again because they were exposed as liars and made calls about their desire to become citizens of Azerbaijan for the second time.”

As long as Armenian militants are not removed from the region, tension to exist: Azerbaijani political scientist

Yegane Hajiyeva, Chairperson of the Institute of Young Democrats, political scientist

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