Armenians violate ceasefire

Armenian armed forces have violated ceasefire in different directions of the front a total of 26 times using 60mm mortars.

According to sources in the Defense Ministry, Armenian armed forced fired at Azerbaijani positions in Farahli and Gaymagli villages of Gazakh from their posts in Shavarshavan, Barekamavan village of Armenia's Noyemberyan, at Azerbaijani positions in Munjuglu village of Terter from posts on nameless heights in Berd and at positions in Garaveliler village of Gedabey from posts on nameless heights of Krasnoselsk.

Azerbaijani positions were also subjected to fire from Shuraabad, Yusifjanli villages of Agdam, Horadiz, Ashaghy Seyidahmadli villages of Fizuli, as well as nameless heights in Goranboy, Khojavand, Fizuli and Jabrayil regions.

Azerbaijani armed positions took adequare steps in line with the operative situation. 


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