Armenians who mocked Azerbaijani flag detained at Lachin border checkpoint

Three Armenians who insulted the Azerbaijani flag in 2021 have been detained at the Lachin border checkpoint in Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

Back then, videos were published in some mass media and on various pages on social networks in which Armenian football players committed offensive acts against the Azerbaijani flag.

In this regard, the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan launched an investigation into the initiation of a criminal case under articles 283.2.3 (incitement of national, racial, social, or religious hatred and enmity committed by an organized group) and 324 (offensive actions against the state flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan or the State emblem of Azerbaijan) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The investigation of this case is entrusted to the investigative department of the Prosecutor's Office.

The Azerbaijani side has frequently shown humanism, claiming that Armenians who have offended can be pardoned. Assuming that the Azerbaijani side will once again adopt a humane attitude and that the athletes and young people who have been imprisoned may be subjected to administrative responsibility.

In any case, people who insult the flag of Azerbaijan and feed the spirit of hatred and enmity towards Azerbaijanis cannot live on the territory of Azerbaijan; they must be deported to Armenia.


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