Arresting Armenian war criminals - separatist leaders by Azerbaijan is legal, says Korotchenko

“Arresting Armenian war criminal, separatist leaders by Azerbaijan Security Services, who gave orders to launch missile strikes on peaceful Azerbaijani cities during the second Karabakh war, is legally from the point of view, including the norms of international law,” Director General of the Caspian Institute for Strategic Studies (Russia) Igor Korotchenko exclusively told

“Those who were found guilty committed crimes against civilians during the war. Therefore, Azerbaijan’s actions in this situation are absolutely legal, justified, and consistent with the existing international reality,” Mr. Korotchenko emphasized.

The military expert noted that the punishment of those war criminals will become an important precedent in modern conditions so that such crimes against the civilian population will never go unpunished. “This will serve to prevent such relapses during other armed conflicts.”

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