As long as Armenian militants are not removed from the region, tension to exist: Azerbaijani political scientist

“The tripartite agreement signed to end the 44-day Patriotic war has clauses which have been implemented and which have not been implemented to date. In general, if we consider the tripartite agreement as political, economic and security contacts, and as a format regulating pre-peace processes on the way to a general peace, political and economic contacts have been implemented here, but the 4th point, which is a very important point of the agreement, has not been implemented,” Chairman of the Institute of Young Democrats, political scientist Yegane Hajiyeva told

The political scientist emphasized that the IV Clause is a very important clause in terms of establishing peace and stability in the South Caucasus: “Armenian militants in Karabakh are a threat to the peace and stability which declared by Azerbaijan after the 44-day civil war. As long as the Armenian militants are not removed from the region, such tensions have existed and will continue to exist.”

“Starting from May 2021, the Azerbaijani side has been waiting for the sequence of implementation of the tripartite agreement and the contacts it has made for the implementation of this sequence, that is, the contacts of the working groups at the level of the Prime Ministers of Armenia-Azerbaijan and Russia, and the points agreed upon by them, have always been waiting and always implemented. The same is expected from Armenia,” she said.

Hajiyeva noted that according to the commitment taken by the Armenian side, Armenian terrorists should have been removed from Karabakh in August of this year: “I want to remind you that two weeks ago, the head of the Security Council of Armenia, Grigoryan, voiced the idea of withdrawing the Armenian military from Karabakh this month and said that Armenia recognizes the sovereignty and integrity of the territory of Azerbaijan.”

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