Attempted provocative rally by Armenian radicals outside Azerbaijani Embassy in France prevented (VIDEO)

A group of Armenian radicals attempted to hold a rally outside the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Sweden to support Armenia’s military provocations and smear campaign.

In response to the attempted provocation by Armenian radicals, the embassy staff sounded the music of the great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov through the loudspeakers, News.Az reports.

“Radical Armenians demonstrating in front of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in support of Armenian military provocations and smear campaign organized against Azerbaijan have been met by great Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s music embodying our invincible spirit,” Zaur Ahmadov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Norway,” said on Twitter.

The Armenian radicals, who tried to chant provocative slogans against Azerbaijan, were silenced by the sounds of Azerbaijani music, and an attempted provocation failed.

The Swedish police also took preventive measures to protect the building of the Azerbaijani Embassy from possible violence by Armenian radicals.

On September 18, Armenian radicals in France attacked the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris. French law enforcement authorities did not take the necessary measures to thwart the attack.


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