Azerbaijan detains dozens of border trespassers last month

In December 2023, the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan continued its efforts to ensure robust protection of the state borders, combat smuggling, illegal migration, and the illicit trafficking of narcotics, News.Az reports.

During the month, 41 people were apprehended for unlawfully crossing the state border, including 20 Azerbaijanis, 6 Pakistanis, 7 Iranians, 3 Indians, 2 Algerians, 1 Tajik, 1 Georgian, and 1 Turkish citizen.

As many as 22 people were apprehended while attempting to enter the state boundary using fake date stamps, counterfeit passports, and phony documents as part of the drive on illegal migration.

A total of 834 people were arrested for violating border regime norms, and appropriate steps were taken against them.

Azerbaijani law enforcement services apprehended and handed over to relevant authorities 404 wanted individuals during anti-crime operations, blocked the exit of 419 individuals from the country, and prevented the admission of 16 individuals.

155 kilograms and 280 grams of narcotics, as well as 100 pills categorized as strong psychoactive substances, were detected and confiscated in the battle against illegal narcotics trafficking.

In the ongoing fight against smuggling, narcotics, a pneumatic pistol, tear gas canisters, cartridges for hunting rifles, alcoholic beverages, various medications, tobacco products, and a large quantity of fireworks were intercepted.

Activities to ensure the reliable protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan's state boundaries continue.


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