Azerbaijan detects Armenia-left ammunition in music school in liberated Khojaly (PHOTO)

The Armenia-left ammunition has been found in a music school located in Azerbaijan's liberated Khojaly district, News.Az reports citing the Interior Ministry’s press service.  

The Khojaly District Police Department uncovered and confiscated a batch of guns at the music school in Khanabad village. The seized items included 11 Kalashnikov rifles, three PK machine guns, three RPG-7 grenade launchers, 10 grenade shells, 14 igniters, a "Mukha" grenade launcher, one gas piston embedded in the flint frame of a PK machine gun, 35 machine gun magazines, four machine gun sights, 30 F1 hand grenades, 45 grenade igniters, an M-75 hand grenade, 19,820 rounds of 5.45 mm ammunition, 8,050 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition, and various other types of ammunition.

Following the liberation of its lands, Azerbaijan, starting in November 2020, commenced operations on clearing its lands of mines, booby traps, and various weapons left behind by Armenian troops.


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