Azerbaijan determines arrangements for using Shusha's name

Azerbaijan has determined arrangements for using Shusha's name, reports.

In this regard, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on amendments to the Law "On Azerbaijan's cultural capital – Shusha".

According to the document, the following changes have been made to the mentioned law (Legislative Collection of the Republic of Azerbaijan of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2021, No. 6 (Book I), Article 562):

1. Add Article 3-1 with the following content:

Article 3-1. Using the name of Shusha

3-1.1. The Shusha City State Reserve has the exclusive right to use its own name and the official name "Shusha" in the cases provided for in Article 3-1.2 of the Law.

3-1.2. The use of the word "Shusha" (phrases with the word "Shusha") is allowed only with the consent of the institution determined by the relevant executive authority, except for cases determined by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the body determined by the relevant executive authority:

3-1.2.1. in the names of legal entities, including media entities;

3-1.2.2. in the names of awards and prizes;

3-1.2.3. in the names of local, national or international events, including sports and other competitions, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, seminars;

3-1.2.4. for commercial and advertising purposes;

3-1.2.5. on trademarks and geographical indications;

2. Remove the word "archaeological" from the first sentence of Article 7.5.

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