Azerbaijan develops human capital in close cooperation with EU, WB: Ambassador

Azerbaijan continues to develop human capital in close cooperation with the European Union and the World Bank, Ambassador Peter Michalko, Head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, said on Friday.

He made the remarks during a presentation of the "Review of Azerbaijan's human capital" prepared by the WB, News.Az reports.

"Given the close cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan, we supported the establishment of this project in order at this stage to find answers on how to develop the future. Development in this area leads to social progress for all," he said.

The ambassador also noted that human capital means health, skills, knowledge, experience, and habits.

"Human capital is of fundamental importance, and investments in human capital are the best investment that a country can make," Michalko added.

The EU ambassador said that thanks to this project, it will be possible to identify priorities for future development in this area.


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