Azerbaijan established historical justice: Colombian magazine

Semana, an authoritative Colombian magazine, has published an article entitled "Finally, justice has prevailed" by Azerbaijani ambassador to this country Mammad Talibov.

The article notes that local anti-terrorist measures put an end to the dreams of the Armenian separatists of Garabagh about independence, and historical justice was established, News.Az reports.

The article mentioned that the Azerbaijani side was subjected to Armenian occupation for nearly 30 years, and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from their native lands.

“The existence of the Armenian armed forces and illegal armed groups in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan and the countless provocations they have carried out have made 24-hour anti-terrorist measures inevitable.

The article stresses that as a result of anti-terrorist measures, the so-called regime surrendered and laid down its arms, and negotiations between the representatives of the Armenian residents of Garabagh and the representatives of the central government of Azerbaijan regarding the process of reintegration are ongoing.

The article emphasizes that Azerbaijan is ready for dialogue with Armenia and spares no efforts to ensure peace in the region.

“The signing of the peace agreement, the delimitation of the borders and the opening of all communications, including the Zangezur corridor, will give an additional impetus to the development of the region,” the article underlines.


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