Azerbaijan launches radio and television broadcasting in Khankendi

In accordance with the request by representatives of the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan's Garabagh region on September 29 in the city of Yevlakh during a regular meeting regarding the organization of radio and television broadcasting, the situation with broadcasting in the region was studied, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan said on Monday, News.Az reports.

As a result of the conducted radio monitoring, seven radio and nine television programs in Azerbaijan were broadcast through the Shusha Radio and Television Broadcasting Station in many territories of the Garabagh region, including Khankendi. The education of Armenians living in the Garabagh region and giving information about the appeals of the Azerbaijani state to them are carried out using FM radio at a frequency of 101.1, 103.5, and 97.7 MHz, as well as digital television at a frequency of 674 MHz, broadcast in Armenian and Russian.

"Additional measures will be taken to further expand the quality and coverage of radio and television broadcasts in the Garabagh region," the ministry said.

A regular meeting was held in Azebaijan's Yevlakh with representatives of Armenian residents living in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan on September 29.

Ensuring the free movement of civilians, sending humanitarian aid, and meeting the needs for fuel and food were highly appreciated. Representatives of the Armenian residents living in the Garabagh Economic Region expressed special gratitude for the measures taken by the relevant state structures of Azerbaijan to extinguish the fire near Khankendi, in particular for sending medical supplies, medicines, and ambulances to the territory to provide first aid to the victims.

In addition, it was requested that the relevant state structures of Azerbaijan take measures to organize mobile communication, television, and radio broadcasting services.

Ramin Mammadov, responsible for contacts with the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan's Garabagh, informed us about the procedures and package of social services related to the reintegration process. He noted that in order to solve economic, communal, and other issues, members of the working group established to solve social, humanitarian, economic, and infrastructural issues in the Garabagh region are scheduled to visit the city of Khankendi on October 2.


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