Azerbaijan MFA: Armenia attempts to instrumentalize UN Security Council for its manipulation campaign

"Today, the efforts for durable peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia have become the hostage of Armenia’s policy of deliberate tension and revanchism, and face serious challenges," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan notes in its statement issued on August 14, reports.

"Despite its first failure in December 2022, Armenia once again attempts to instrumentalize the UN Security Council for its political, military and informational manipulation campaign.

Moreover, Armenia is a country that had for almost 30 years brazenly disregarded the four resolutions of 1993 and series of Presidential Statements of the Security Council demanding full, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of occupying forces from the territory of Azerbaijan.

Armenia’s appeal to the Security Council on groundless allegations of “worsening humanitarian situation” and “continued blockade” in the region yet again comes at a time when Armenia itself deliberately and intentionally obstructs all the efforts made through international partners to find a balanced, law-based and reasonable solution on the ground," reads the statement.

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