Azerbaijan ranks first in CIS for 'protection of intellectual property' indicator

Azerbaijan has ranked 30th among 141 countries for the ‘intellectual property protection’ indicator in the Global Competitiveness Index (GII), thus coming ahead of the CIS and many European countries, Chairman of the Board of Azerbaijan’s Intellectual Property Agency Kamran Imanov said, reports.

Imanov made the remark at a conference on "Women and Intellectual Property: Innovation and Creativity".

According to him, the ranking was published in the latest report of the World Economic Forum on the GII.

The official noted that purposeful work carried out in recent years in the field of intellectual property plays an important role in strengthening the position of our country in international rankings.

In the ‘GII 2022 Report’, covering 132 countries, Azerbaijan ranked 79th for the ‘Innovation Resources’ sub-index, and it has improved its position for the ‘Research and Development’ integral indicator, moving to 76th place," Imanov said.

He also noted that last year, according to a report prepared by another international organization - The Property Rights Alliance, covering 129 countries, Azerbaijan ranked 60th, ahead of Armenia (63), Georgia (72), Kazakhstan (75), Russia (85), Moldova (95) and Ukraine (105).

In the category of ‘Intellectual Property Rights’, Azerbaijan came ahead of Kazakhstan (86), Moldova (90), Armenia (91), Ukraine (93) and Georgia (112), and for 'Understanding protection of intellectual property' indicator, Azerbaijan ranked 30th, added the official.

The GII is an evolving project that builds on its previous editions while incorporating newly available data and that is inspired by the latest research on the measurement of innovation. The GII 2022 model includes 132 economies, which represent 94.3 percent of the world’s population and 99 percent of the world’s GDP in purchasing power parity with current international dollars.

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