Azerbaijan records sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in recent days

A sharp increase in coronavirus infection cases has been observed in Azerbaijan in recent days, Yagut Garayeva, Head of the Department of the Union for Management of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB), said at a briefing of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday. 

According to Garayeva, on August 1, the coronavirus infection rate was seven, whilst currently, this indicator reached 23.

"At present, 18 pandemic hospitals are functioning in Azerbaijan, 11 of which are located in Baku, seven in the regions. As to date, there are about 40 pandemic healthcare institutions in the country. As of August 1, there were 808 patients with coronavirus in hospitals, whilst currently, there are 2,458,” she stressed. “The rapid growth in the infection rate suggests that the rules must be strictly followed. The fact of available reserve medical facilities mustn’t loosen us up. When two or three pandemic hospitals operate in one region, other patients cannot use their services.”

“Therefore, it’s wrong to allocate other medical facilities for patients with coronavirus. We mustn’t forget that medical personnel has been working in a very busy mode for more than a year," the expert also said.

"According to statistics, 96 percent of those infected with coronavirus haven’t been vaccinated. This is a very serious figure. Moreover, 97 percent of those connected to a ventilator and 99 percent of those who died from coronavirus weren’t vaccinated," added Garayeva.


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