Azerbaijan repatriated another16 citizens from Syria

Some 16 citizens of Azerbaijan, who were held in camps located in Syria, were repatriated to their homeland on November 24, Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry told

Repatriates, including 13 children and 3 women, were brought to Azerbaijan as a result of gradual and coordinated measures taken by the Government of Azerbaijan. After detecting their location, identity, and citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, they transited through Türkiye.

Representatives of the relevant state structures responsible for the repatriation of Azerbaijani citizens from Iraq and Syria were sent to Türkiye, where the repatriates were provided with an initial medical and psychological examination.

Also, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Türkiye provided the citizens of Azerbaijan with "Certificates of return to the Republic of Azerbaijan" and plane tickets. On November 24, 2022, these citizens were repatriated to Azerbaijan, accompanied by a delegation. The Government of Azerbaijan plans to take all necessary measures for their reintegration and rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, a total of 409 citizens were repatriated to Azerbaijan from Iraq and Syria, including 380 children and 29 women.

The Government of Azerbaijan will continue to take the necessary measures to protect the rights and freedoms of Azerbaijani citizens who are in a difficult situation in foreign countries and need help, in accordance with the national legislation and international treaties, of which our country is a party, the MFA noted.

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