Azerbaijan reports increase in number of tourists coming from Central Asia

As many as 73,823 tourists from Central Asian countries visited Azerbaijan in 2022, which is 4.75 times more than in 2021 (15,516), News.Az reports citing Azerbaijan's State Tourism Agency.

According to the agency, the number of visitors from Kazakhstan amounted to 30,350 people (an increase of 4.3 times per year), Turkmenistan - 11,188 (an increase of 4.08 times per year), Uzbekistan - 26,309 (an increase of 6.2 times per year), Kyrgyzstan - 3,240 (an increase of 3.87 times per year), and Tajikistan - 2,736 (an increase of 3.33 times over the year).

For the last five years, a total of 411,141 foreigners from Central Asia visited Azerbaijan (from Kazakhstan, 167,052; Turkmenistan, 119,201; Uzbekistan, 96,278; Kyrgyzstan, 15,467, and Tajikistan, 13,143).

In 2022, over 1.6 million foreign citizens visited Azerbaijan in general, which is more than two times higher than in 2021 (790,062).


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